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On June 22, 1980 I coined the term/concept of "technocalypse," my vision of man's inevitable self-destruction by his own inventions and free will, devoid of the divine purpose that is postulated for the mythical Apocalypse; most of my art work and social concerns pertain to this theme. I have been writing a timeline history of the world from the Big Bang to the near future, since 1987.

August 20, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque: Expulsion of Islam in America

"How can a one-prayer-room 'mosque' make an entire 13-story Islamic Community Center a 'church?' While there are moderate Muslims, there is no moderate Islam. Radical 'Islamizing' will occur in the socializing activities found throughout the center, outside the prayer room. Islam is tempting expulsion from America." *

Millions of Muslims and hundreds of mosques have existed in America for decades without controversy, or need of special understanding or discussion. It has only been since the 9/11 attacks that a new factor has entered their equation as a shadow agenda, to gradually Islamize the American culture and legal system by fabricated legal confrontations over a period of decades.

The repeated allusion made by Muslims to "fostering understanding between religions" is merely a pro-Islamization ruse, because Americans do not have to understand anything about any religion or philosophy because we are required by law and custom to coexCheck Spellingist peaceably with all of them. The new Islamic radicalism has challenged the Muslim American to review just how Americanized he actually is, putting the ball for 'American religious understanding' exclusively in his court.

It is fundamentally un-American to harbor a religious tenet that strives to exceed mere belief, to tyrannize or subordinate other beliefs by threat of law. Since 9/11, Islam in America has made itself so intransigent that a call for its 'expulsion from America' could arise even in these modern times, to halt the hegemony of any one belief system over every aspect of our daily lives, by law.

Lee Nading

( * The above first paragraph is reprinted from Lee Nading's letter to the Bloomington, Indiana, "Herald Times" on August 19, 2010. )

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August 10, 2010

Review of "These Stolen Flowers: A Rape Awareness Book" by Patty Moskos 2010

Patty Moskos' book, These Stolen Flowers is fresh off the press. In the self-help genre for women, Moskos' new book is an emergency call box on the Yellow Brick Road, supplemented with her own healing poetry. As the best publication of its kind, I am recommending it to my closest relatives - my daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter.
Look for it at,,, and everywhere else.

~ Lee Nading,

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