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On June 22, 1980 I coined the term/concept of "technocalypse," my vision of man's inevitable self-destruction by his own inventions and free will, devoid of the divine purpose that is postulated for the mythical Apocalypse; most of my art work and social concerns pertain to this theme. I have been writing a timeline history of the world from the Big Bang to the near future, since 1987.

November 29, 2004

"Welcome List for Aliens Visiting America After 9/11"


1. Welcome to America, and remember that no one in the world has an inherent right to any part of America while they are still an Alien.
2. Everyone who is born in America is a native, not an immigrant.
3. Do not tell us how we should be, and do not transplant your cultural problems or bigotry to our nation.
4. If you hail from one of "America's many racist homelands of origin," we consider you a person of risk.
5. Do not abuse our freedoms and civil liberties; if you are confused or angered by our diversity, counselling is available.
6. Appreciate our unique mix of traditionalism and progressiveness; respect the liberation of American artists, thinkers and women.
7. Experience as much of America's natural wonders and countryside as its urban life, and get a comprehensive picture of us.
8. Learn from the fact that we strive to interpret the scriptures of our religions according to the needs of contemporary world peace rather than ancient animosities.
9. Think of yourself as a possible future American, not a hyphenated-American with divided loyalties.
10. Study our Constitution and Bill of Rights so you can learn how to upgrade your culture, laws and government when you return home.
11. If you are a doctrinaire fundamentalist, we are aware that you might hate our concept of freedom because it prevents you from forcing us to all be the same.
12. Americans do not have to understand anything about any religion, philosophy, or culture because we are required by law and custom to coexist peaceably with all of them.
13. Notice that Americans have figured out something that the rest of the world has not.
14. While you are in America, do something positive that will encourage us to invite you back, and not put you on our security watch list.
15. If you are here illegally, intending to take advantage of our humanity, programs or jobs, telephone 800-375-5283 for a free trip home; in American English, "illegal" means "breaking the law," not "whatever."

Originally called the Homeland Security Welcome List (c), it was first published as a handout/ flier on September 21, 2001, by Lee Nading.

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Anonymous John Clouse said...

An excellent, reasonable guide. I wish it were more widely understood.

Monday, November 27, 2006 11:20:00 AM  

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