The social commentaries and art documentation of Lee Vogler Nading, artist, author and controversialist, who was born on September 11. Contents are copyrighted but may be reproduced with author credit. Log in regularly for new posts on new topics.

Location: Indiana, United States

On June 22, 1980 I coined the term/concept of "technocalypse," my vision of man's inevitable self-destruction by his own inventions and free will, devoid of the divine purpose that is postulated for the mythical Apocalypse; most of my art work and social concerns pertain to this theme. I have been writing a timeline history of the world from the Big Bang to the near future, since 1987.

August 22, 2011

"Lee Nading's Gadhafi Joke"

Here is my contribution to the bizarre and ironic events in Libya, on this date of the self-proclaimed Fall of Tripoli, in the form of a joke:

Q: Why did Gadhafi hold up in Tripoli, instead of just fleeing to another country?
A: Because his "Triple E" travel insurance was cancelled.

By Lee Vogler Nading (c)
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February 13, 2011

Democratic Revolution Pyramid: Egypt's Modern Make-Work Solution

With one-fifth of Egypt's population unemployed, all 16,000,000 of them could be put to work immediately in the construction of a Democratic Revolution Pyramid, to commemorate the success of their recent democratic revolution.

The Democratic Revolution Pyramid should be larger than the great pyramids of antiquity, and be distinguished by an 80 foot-high, newly designed Democracy Cartouche on the superior side of the structure.

If deposed President Mubarak's ill-gotten fortune is $70 Billion as estimated, it could be used to pay 16,000,000 unemployed workers as much as $4,375.00 each, for their labor on the new pyramid.

By Lee Nading, for NadingZone.Blogspot

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November 18, 2010

"Lee Nading's Outdoor Survival Quiz"

First published and copyrighted in 1980 by Lee Nading, author-publisher of Survival Cards(tm). May be reproduced for non-profit use, with author/copyright credit to: (C)Lee Nading 1980/2010


1. What percentage of healthy mammals, birds, insects and reptiles are edible, worldwide?
2. What type of wood burns best when wet?
4. How would a rescue plane signal that he understands your message?
5. Why is the raw flesh of sea turtles more nutritious than sea fish?
6. What diseases are carried by arctic insects?
7. Sinew is from what part of the animal?
8. How do you take a compass reading in polar and other regions where the magnetic field is erratic?
9. What is the most undesirable limitation of twitch-up snares?
10. What is the surest sign of tuleramia ('rabbit fever') in mammals?
11. What is the most common wild 'edible' in the world?
12. What is the first thing you should do when lost or stranded?
13. Why is it important to wash your body and clothes thoroughly after being immersed in tropical waters?
14. What is the least desirable shape for an improvised raft?
15. Why don't flesh-eating natives get scurvy?
16. How do you form branches and twigs for making snowshoes and implements?
17. Why are toads not edible but frogs are?
18. What two rock formations are the best locations to scout for water?
19. On which side should you lay a person with a lung injury?
20. What is the best location for building a solar still in the desert?
21. How much of which solid foods should you eat if you are completely out of water?
22. Why should snow be pre-melted rather than eaten raw?
23. What kind of dry tinder do you always have with you?
24. Why is it usually best to camp above a valley bottom in winter weather?
25. How far south is the North Star (Polaris) visible?
26. How do you beach a craft through surf or breakers to prevent being rolled over?
27. What are the first two rules of survival for the aviation passenger?
28. Name some alternative antiseptics for emergency first aid.
29. How long can you survive without food or water?


1. 100%. The best survival food is 2/3 lean meat with 1/3 fat.
2. High resin content; pitch knots, pine cones.
4. Rocking wings, or flashes from green signal lamp.
5. Higher fat content.
6. None.
7. Long back and leg tendons.
8. Average many readings from halfway between needle swings.
9. Sapling will stiffen and not spring up, in cold temperatures.
10. Liver spotting or discoloration.
11. Grasses: every known grass(1) in the world is edible(2), and found in all non-polar environments. [(1) leaves with a common base or stalk, ie, lawn, forage, reeds, bamboo, maize, rice, cereal plants; (2) contains liquid nutrition: chew juices out of succulent parts including roots, spit out fibrous (silica) material.]
12. Relax; inventory everything.
13. Microscopic fluke worms.
14. A square or round raft will spin, unless you use a droque/sea anchor.
15. They do not bleed meat.
16. Heat, bend, and hold until cool.
17. Toads have toxic skin.
18. Limestone and lava.
19. With the injured lung down, so it won't drain into the good lung.
20. In a low place in the outside bend of a dry stream, where water last evaporated or soaked in.
21. None. Digestion will use up body water and promote dehydration.
22. The body expends more energy melting the snow than energy derived from it, promoting dehydration.
23. Hair.
24. To avoid drafts of cold damp air, that seek low places.
25. At the Equator it is just barely above the north horizon.
26. Bow first; with one or more sea anchor/drogue/drag (canvas bag, dragged aft on a long line) to keep the craft perpendicular to the breakers or surfline.
27. Wear natural fibers (artificial fibers melt at low temps and stick to skin like napalm); sit within three rows of emergency exit.
28. Soap, saliva, salt water, honey, alcohol, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, red pepper (cayenne), black walnut (organic iodine) tincture, sap nodules on pine bark.
29. Almost indefinitely; minimize exposure and activity, travel only at night, etc.

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August 20, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque: Expulsion of Islam in America

"How can a one-prayer-room 'mosque' make an entire 13-story Islamic Community Center a 'church?' While there are moderate Muslims, there is no moderate Islam. Radical 'Islamizing' will occur in the socializing activities found throughout the center, outside the prayer room. Islam is tempting expulsion from America." *

Millions of Muslims and hundreds of mosques have existed in America for decades without controversy, or need of special understanding or discussion. It has only been since the 9/11 attacks that a new factor has entered their equation as a shadow agenda, to gradually Islamize the American culture and legal system by fabricated legal confrontations over a period of decades.

The repeated allusion made by Muslims to "fostering understanding between religions" is merely a pro-Islamization ruse, because Americans do not have to understand anything about any religion or philosophy because we are required by law and custom to coexCheck Spellingist peaceably with all of them. The new Islamic radicalism has challenged the Muslim American to review just how Americanized he actually is, putting the ball for 'American religious understanding' exclusively in his court.

It is fundamentally un-American to harbor a religious tenet that strives to exceed mere belief, to tyrannize or subordinate other beliefs by threat of law. Since 9/11, Islam in America has made itself so intransigent that a call for its 'expulsion from America' could arise even in these modern times, to halt the hegemony of any one belief system over every aspect of our daily lives, by law.

Lee Nading

( * The above first paragraph is reprinted from Lee Nading's letter to the Bloomington, Indiana, "Herald Times" on August 19, 2010. )

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August 10, 2010

Review of "These Stolen Flowers: A Rape Awareness Book" by Patty Moskos 2010

Patty Moskos' book, These Stolen Flowers is fresh off the press. In the self-help genre for women, Moskos' new book is an emergency call box on the Yellow Brick Road, supplemented with her own healing poetry. As the best publication of its kind, I am recommending it to my closest relatives - my daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter.
Look for it at,,, and everywhere else.

~ Lee Nading,

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November 04, 2008

Islamic Flag Over the White House

Today is Election Day 2008, and with only an hour left before our polls close here in Indiana, I want to get this on the record as a "you heard it here first." I first wrote this to a few friends about two months ago, but put off posting it to this blog until now:

I predict that soon after Obama wins(if) the election, or after being inaugurated as president, radical Islamist groups will declare they have achieved their long-stated goal of seeing an "Islamic flag flying over the White House." For over three years one group after another has expressed that as their goal (although there is no official Islamic or Muslim Flag), along with the downfall of the entire West. But not a peep has been heard from them since Obama declared his candidacy for president.

Obama has consistently written and said he is not a Muslim, that he is a Christian, and that he is a long-standing member of the church where he "was married and his wife and children were baptised." But researchers say he has never clearly stated that he has been baptised a Christian. Muslim doctrine holds that a man born of a Muslim father is Muslim, and that Muslims are not allowed to convert. Radicals can hold him to his still being a Muslim whether he has converted or not, sufficient for them to declare that his election victory places the Muslim or Islamic flag over the White House, for its obvious propaganda value.

The decades-long War on Terror and radical Islam does not need this kind of propaganda coup. Likewise, this is not the kind of pitfall the American presidency should be confounded by. So I am off to vote for John McCain before it's too late.

Obama knows that Muslim political leaders will warm to his diplomatic efforts as long as he doesn't blatantly insult their beliefs regarding conversion. We can be sure there is a host of fanatics poised to spring from their dark places the instant Obama is inaugurated, to declare a fatwa against him for his apostacy. Not enough traps have been set to prevent these beasts from invading civilization.

Lee Nading
Bloomington, IN
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November 03, 2008

Size of a Trillion/ Reverse Outsourcing (Onshoring)

Letter to the Editor of Herald-Times, Bloomington, IN (publ. in Oct. 25, 2008 issue)

To the Editor,

Mike Leonard's report on the immensity of the quantity "one trillion" has inspired me to contribute to the subject. By my figuring, a stack of a million one dollar bills is 250 feet high, and a billion is 47.3 miles high, and a trillion is 47,300 miles high.

Today's national debt of $10 trillion would stack all the way from the earth to the moon and back again; and if stacked horizontally it would circle the earth 19 times. For $10 trillion, you or the Chinese could buy our entire 50 states at $4,203.00 per acre.

A radio signal or photon traveling at the speed of light would take 13.5 seconds to traverse the stacked $53 trillion of our "unfinanced" national debt.

Back on Earth, I'd like to suggest a way for our Mayor Kruzan to put himself and Bloomington in the spotlight, by being the first city to offer extraordinary economic incentives that exclusively target American companies abroad, to get them to move back to the U.S., to Bloomington, Ind.

Lee Nading
Bloomington, IN

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